"Next Steps" is four sessions that introduce you to what it means to be a believer in Jesus Christ, the overall picture of our church structure and culture, and how God has uniquely gifted you to be in relationship with others and serve them well. No matter how seasoned or new a believer in Jesus you are, Next Steps will provide what you need to take the next simple, clear, and easy step in your journey of faith.


“Next Steps” is the environment we created to help people continue in their growth at The Way Church. We get so many questions all the time from people seeking growth: “I just got saved, what do I do now?” “I want to grow in my relationship with the Lord, what should I do?” “I want to be more involved in the church, who should I talk to?” These questions and many more are asked by people who are sincerely asking “What is my next step?” Now, with the aptly named “Next Steps” environment, we have a simple answer to every one of those questions. Taking the next step is easy for everyone.


“Next Steps” is four sessions spread out over a few weeks that will enable you to move forward in your relationship with Jesus, no matter where you are currently in that relationship. The four steps are: Discover God's Love, Find Your Family, Build Good Community, and Give Life Back. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate. We would love to see everyone in our church go through Next Steps. Join us as we take the next step toward maturity and growth in Christ.


“Next Steps” is held DURING the message of the 10:30am Sunday morning service in the youth end of the building. We invite you to jump in at any time; there's no requirement to complete them in order.

Step 1

Discover God's Love

1st Sunday of every month

during 10:30am service message

At Step One, our hope is to give you an introduction to who Jesus Christ is and the essential habits that enable you to deepen your relationship with Christ.

Step 2

Find Your Family

2nd Sunday of every month

during 10:30am service message

At Step Two, our hope is that you find your family. We want you to find friends and family here at The Way Church that can help you become everything God created you to be, help you reach your full potential, and experience victory over every obstacle, big or small.

Step 3

Build Good Community

3rd Sunday of every month

during 10:30am service message

At Step Three, our hope is that you take a step towards understanding how your uniquely designed personality, coupled with the spiritual gifts God has given you, help you discover your purpose and build life-giving relationships with others.

Step 4

Give Life Back

4th Sunday of every month

during 10:30am service message

At Step Four, we hope to help you engage in serving. It is our heart to empower you to make a difference using the gifts and passions God has placed within you.


Casual & Conversational

Each Next Steps session is a casual and conversational environment where we review and discuss some printed material content and learn together.