Newborn - Kindergarten


The nursery is available to all parents at The Way on Sunday mornings for both services. We encourage parents and guardians to drop their young ones off at least five minutes prior to service starting, to ensure you get the full experience at The Way. The Nursery is available for new borns to five year olds, once a child is six years old they will transition into our Way Kids ministry that summer. 

Who is it for?

All children from newborns to kindergarten are welcome.

When do we meet?

We have two services every Sunday morning at 8:30am and 10:30am.

What to expect.

 During your child’s time in the nursery they will be having fun, playing with other children their age, learning how to share, having God’s truth spoken over them about their lives, and usually receiving a snack. If there are supplies you feel your child will need during their time in the nursery you are free to check those items in with them too. 


Every person in church needs a place, what’s even more true is that everyone in church is worthy of having a place. Children are vital part to the body of Christ, that begins the moment they are born. We believe every child has a purpose, they are each significant, and they have something to give as well. That begins the moment they are born, because significance isn't based on “doing” it’s based on knowing who the Father says we are. In our nursery we desire to have your child treasured as a baby of worth and significance. 

From the moment a child comes into our nursery we have a mission that our helpers are speaking loving and encouraging words out loud over them, words that speak Gods truth over them. We know there is so much power that is released from three things...worship, kingdom creativity, and speaking God’s truth out loud over another person. Because we know those three elements hold a lot of power in them we put a high focus on having these elements integrated into the young ones day when spent in the nursery. There is a high importance to helping you gone build a stable and healthy foundation of faith, so we consider it the greatest honor to be a part of making that foundation come to life in their lives. 

"Your Spirit is never too young to feel Holy Spirits love”

- Jillian Parker 


Chris & Stephanie Morin

Chris and Stephanie have a heart to see every child discover their identity in Christ and experience the true love of Father. Together they serve as Pastors of WayKids and continually see growth in all of those they lead. Each week they accurately display what the Kingdom looks like to all who attend WayKids.

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