What would it look like for you to be free?

Our courses are designed to transform your life.

From teaching your true Identity in Christ to instructing you how to study the Bible, our courses have been created to equip you to live in all that God has richly provided so that you can then influence those around you by living Heaven on Earth.

There are no upcoming courses at this time.

Equip  -  Empower  -  Encounter

WSTM exists to transform and equip students with experiential knowledge and understanding, empower them with grace and opportunity, and lead them to demonstrate the Kingdom through encountering God and people.

You will:

- Encounter the goodness, love, and power of God
- Learn who you really are in Christ
- Be equipped with the Biblical foundations for a supernatural life
- Be empowered to love and serve people with the power of Jesus

True Identity in Christ 101

    Ask any mature believer in Christ and they will affirm the vital importance of living from a real knowledge of true identity. Friends and family, jobs, the world and media, the devil, religion, circumstances...everything you come into contact with is telling you things about who you are. And most of these voices are not even true.

    What would it look like for you to not just think the truth, but KNOW the truth AND the One who won freedom for you? What would it be worth to you to live solidly from liberating truth instead of working for victory? What would it be worth to you to never live under the weight of guilt, shame, and/or judgment ever again, but to consistently believe you are totally loved, completely forgiven and accepted?

    Join us for 1 hour per week for 5 weeks in which we discover who we really are because of what Jesus has already accomplished for us. It goes beyond our past, our feelings, and the swirl of all the messages we get force-fed everyday.

    You have a ridiculously amazing inheritance and a tremendously good future in store for you. Join us in the Identity 101 class where you will experience how Jesus Christ is the door to the normal Christian life, which is Heaven on Earth.