Why The Way?

Many people have asked about the meaning of our name, so I thought it appropriate to address the question and make it plain to anyone who might ask.

During a time of reading the book of Acts I started noticing something come up over and over. It was first mentioned in chapter 9, verse 3. The passage was talking about Saul asking for “arrest warrants” from the synagogue to go out and take captive and destroy those who were called Christians. What he actually said was that he wanted “to bring in chains all those who were of the Way!” This is one of the only times the word “Way” is capitalized in the Bible, and it’s mentioned 5 more times in the book of Acts and once in 2 Peter 2:2. Each time it is capitalized and referenced a group of people who were passionate about the manifest Presence of God; about seeing the Kingdom that God had established through Jesus’ model come to Earth from Heaven.

From then on, every time I saw “the Way”, I underlined it. I just seemed drawn to it. Soon after, I looked up its meaning in the Greek, which is what the New Testament was written in, and it meant: “A determined lifestyle of faith in Christ.” That really caught my attention, because it embodied how we should live as Christians; determined to live by faith in the anointing provided by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit. It was during the second or third time through the book that I believe the Lord spoke to me and said “That’s the name!” I knew immediately what He meant. And so from that time, we set out to call this church family The Way.

We are an independent ministry registered in the State of Texas as The Way Church, Inc.


* Hosting God’s Presence and revealing what Heaven looks like here and now, through experiencing Kingdom operation in the Earth.

* We love people, no matter their stage in life, and want to help them become victorious through the Goodness of God.

* The earlier we can have an impact the better, so children and students hold a high value at The Way. Kids of all ages will have a fun, exciting and safe atmosphere where they want to come and find out how much Jesus loves them. We believe they are capable of great things and receive the same Holy Spirit an adult does. We don’t think they get a “junior” version of the Spirit of God. We take every opportunity to see them empowered to greatness.

* Our heart is to lead men in becoming pursuers of the Glory of God and in turn, leaders in their homes, the church family and community. We believe strongly that the Body of Christ should be full of Godly men, growing in their roles as husbands and fathers not only to their natural family but to those who need Godly examples.

* We are intentional about pursuing our community with the Culture of Heaven through serving our fellow man through both personal interaction and in corporate gatherings.

Our Mission

We long to help people “taste and see” that the Lord is good by showing them the path to their best life and leading them on the journey of bringing Heaven to Earth.